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Bell And here are my BEST Friends! Bell
Plamen: Dimiter:
What can I say? A very good friend but in the same time very closed person. From a while he has a PC and he is playing (from time to time) with 3D Studio MAX:) Simply excellent card player. A very honest man. And almost always with clear mind(almost). If we exclude the time when he is pretending to be Crazy:) There is much more to say about him but when he makes his own page he will talk for himself!
Updated Information:))
He is already studying in the Military school in Varna(Mechanic):) And he is still single!

Hmm here i must say more:)(i'am dating his sister more then 3 years)! He is learning 3D Studio MAX and i can say that he has become very good. From a long time he has a computer. A nice guy:) he has already made a web page and as soon as i get the URL I'll put it here! But he like Plamen is closed person too. He likes to play games on his PC(but who doesn't).
Updated Information:
He has been accepted in TU-Sofia(Automatics)! Very good student, still single but pending someting :) With some problems with his PC:) But what is really new is that he already likes to go to disco with friends:))

Plamen EraZoR



These are the men who keep me out of trouble! Thank you GUYS for all your help and support through all the years we are together!


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