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My name is Marian Dimitrov Marinov.
I was born on 02.V.1983 in Dobrich Town.
I have 180cm height and my weight is 62 Kg.

My hobby are computers, I like to play games such as:
Diablo II; StarCraft; Tzar; NFS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:)) and other like them:).
In the moment I'm playing Warcraft III (when there is enaugh time).
But I'm a not just a gamer! I like to create Web pages and to work with Photoshop
And when I'am not Infront of my PC I spend my time with my sweet Girlfriend!

I'm a big cinema-fan!
My favourite actor is Mel Gibson! And my favourite films are:
Brave Heart, First Knight and from the new ones Armageddon and The Patriot.

I like to PARTY:) I like being wild! I love to dance and to go to discos! I like to ride bicycle:) I like to spend the summer at seeside, but I like very much the mountains too!

The last summer I have been accepted in TU-Sofia (Warmtechnologies). Generally I didn't want this speciality, but what can i do? This is what I have been accepted for :( But now because I have been a "very good student", there is a posibility that I'll not be able to continue learning in TU-Sofia
I have successfuly ended my year in TU-Sofia and now I'm in my second session! Now most of my efforts are in my german lessons, because I whant to continue my studies in Germany, near my Girlfriend!

And here I have prepared some pictures for you:)


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